Lynne Graduates from Hospice

Lynne’s weight gain to 123+ pounds has qualified her to graduate from hospice care by the first week in July. Our thanks go out to all the people who have inspired us to find a way for her to gain weight. That includes friends who take her on outdoor excursions that demonstrated she can eat more and be active. To caregivers who said they thought she should get more food. To nurses who recommended four calorie boosters per day. To nursing staff and cafeteria staff who agreed with my request to double her daily portions because is still an athlete. To hospice staff who said she was a success and should graduate from hospice. 😂💕❤✔

One thought on “Lynne Graduates from Hospice

  1. Marty Bakken June 24, 2022 / 7:53 am

    Wow! Such good news!

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