“The cat still hasn’t shown up.”

Schmitty at a New Home

“The cat still hasn’t shown up,” Lynne remembers infrequently since her move to a new apartment. Then she moves on to something else. No worry. No curiosity about why.
Not surprising, because her cats have always come and gone on their own. They’ve disappeared for long periods of time, even chosen neighbors to adopt, so it’s a typical cat attachment for Lynne. She feels no abandonment. Just a feeling Schmitty can take care of himself and may show up, or not. She is busy with a new room, rules, caregivers, exercises, songs, friends, dining.
She needn’t worry because he’s been well cared for, except when he was left alone in the old apartment growling and meowing. “That was not a good plan,” said Skylar, a caregiver who took him home for the weekend.
Several volunteers have agreed to adopt him, including Skylar. She, Patricia, the volunteer from the rescue shelter, and other staff have considered the best trial homes for Schmitty.
We received news he appears comfortable at his present home, as you can see from the above photo. An update from a director said, “A nurse is trialing adoption of Lynne’s cat and she loves him so far! Seems like a good fit and he will have another kitty friend to play with.”
Next time Lynne remembers the “cat,” I think I’ll update her that it may be a long time before he shows up because he’s found a loving adopter and kitty friend.