Mom ‘s Hospice with Lynne

Four years ago Karen slipped away in a bed two floors above Lynne. She had moved there from her hospice at home in Redmond to finish every day with Lynne. She looked at the 4 of us at the foot of the bed and said, “I am looking at a miracle.”

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The photo was taken when our family celebrated dinner after moving Karen to be with Aegis for hospice

Neverthelesss Dementia We Persist

The nurse said Lynne walks in the mornings, sits in chairs before lunch, walks some in the afternoon, sits in chairs. She eats well. She weighs 118, in a stable range for 6 months. She was glad to see me today. Nevertheless dementia, we persist.

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Lynne Feels The Love

Visitor feedback: Visits not that difficult.  All our love has sustained her these last  years. She felt the love you brought. I hope there is a part of her who knows she is loved by me and many.  Me: I believe she feels it. She is blessed.  Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

At least 8 visitors in the last 10 days gave these reports: She was her sweet welcoming self, less alert, thinner, tired, distant, & agitated. She held hands, sat up, laughed, consumed pudding & iced vanilla coffee. Let me brush her hair & rub in skin lotion.

Missing and Kissing Lynne

I moved 30-minutes away from Lynne. For 3 days I wrestled with details of the move for me and doubts of my vow to her. Today we reconnected marvelously. I said, “Christoph’s doing better.” She said, “He’d better.” Our bonds will stretch and hold. With a kiss. Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Namaste Late-stage Alzheimer’s Care

Namaste Care

was developed in 2003 to provide care for late stages in Alzheimer’s & dementia. Staff use it in the USA and many care homes worldwide to give loving touch. Visitors mean as much to Lynne as ever. Plan to visit & use these ideas.

Namaste uses loving touch:

caring, gradual, and individualized: massage with skin cream of hands, feet, (I include calves & forearms). Moisturizing scented cream to the face, brushing her hair, scalp massage, a drink, & tell her who loves her repeatedly.

Put the Namaste care supplies in a little bag to take with you.

Alzheimer’s Song Blank Stares

This a video of country singer Jay Allen singing a song to his mo ther on stage. She has is 53 years old with early onset Alzheimer’s, the same age my daughter when she was diagnosed. Great song

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Naming Who Love Lynne

We bumped foreheads. I said, I love you. Paused Henik loves you, paused, Simon loves you, paused, Christoph loves you. Named our family, her friends, co-workers. She listened. Laughed. Repeated it 5 times. She ate her entire meal..

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Loving Dad For Half-hour

Today I talked about my move & her dancing, played her music list. She refused massage.  When she sobbed into her hands, I touched her shoulder, said I’m here, she smiled; laughed out loud, I laughed; sipped a 30 gram dairy-based protein builder, I drank half. was fearful, I touched her, said I’m here, you’re safe & she relaxed; laughed out loud, I laughed; stared down the hall, I said, Gotta go. She kept staring. She loved me for ½ hour Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Staying on Hospice

Nurses have predicted Lynne can remain on hospice. Weight is stable. She’s unable to do the activities of daily living. Alzheimer’s steadily reduces walking, standing, talking, and recognition. We can’t predict how long this lasts Tags Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Weight Loss Health Measures

Weight loss warnings in terminal stages are: 5% loss in 30 days; 10% in 180 days. Lynne’s weight has held steady the last four months since hospice and a 4% decline over the last 180 days. Her weight indicates her health is stable

Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Last night Lynne was sleepy at dinner so she was fed in bed. She ate half her meal.