Living In Memories of God

 Dementia: Living In The Memories of God by John Swinton

Dementia may be a tragic affliction, but there is much to be hoped for as long as we create the types of relationships & communities that allows us to see properly, hope realistically, & remember with a love that drives us into the presence of people with dementia.Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Kisses Plus Laughter Fun

Lynne resting in bed. Excited to see me. Ask to kiss her on her forehead. Once I asked to kiss her on the forehead, then the chin & then the nose. And then she leaned forward up to kiss me. We. did that several times.Laughed a lot

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Sitting in a chair after bed rest

Fun Visit With Lynne

LynnR had fun visit with Lynn. She was super happy to see me — ate well, laughed a lot. She reached out a number of times, touching my hand or knee, & laughing when I ask if the pudding was vanilla. She said vanilla and nodded.

She mimicked my thumbs up when we acknowledged something positive. She seems to be happy to have her fellow resident C. entering and exiting to their lounging space. C. told me Lynn is wonderful. I agreed.

Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Boys Doing Fine, Lynne

Told Lynne boys & Dad like bi-weekly therapy. Simon: has a career counselor to evaluate why he doesn’t pursue nursing. Henrik: earning more $ than ever as a bartender/server at Cactus. Christoph: waved from his window & doing fine. They visit Lynne weekly. Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Persistence Gets Good Visits

Donna & LynnR visited.  She was more present & interactive than last visit. Donna gave her a latte She got sleepy & we told her we loved her & Donna took a selfie with her. Pretty alert vs 3 weeks ago. Their persistence always gets good times Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

End of Life Options

Lynne’s visitor said, “Lynne & a resident sort of cry and look at me. I found it really hard to believe in a merciful God. Both women were amazing forces of nature. Just sad for me to see sisters in this situation.”  I believe in a merciful God. We provide the mercy.  is working to transform how people die with dementia to ensure people are aware, empowered and supported in getting the care they want – or do not want.” (I wish Lynne could have studied the options with our family at her diagnosis)

“With significant caregiving and hospice support, a determined and well-informed individual can successfully choose the end-of-life option of voluntarily stopping eating or drinking, also known as VSED.” A success is described in   Last Ten Days, by Martha Risberg Brosio

Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Family Exceeds Fundraising Goal

Our Grammy Helen and Lynne Russell Family team, for the Alzheimer’s Walk exceeded our goal again. It’s a blessing for me and our family to keep lifting up our courageous and loving Lynne while Alzheimer’s keeps bringing her down. Blessings. Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Dad Learns How to Walk Lynne

Brian kindly asked Lynne if she wanted to walk. She nodded. He lifted her gently from behind elbow. She stood. He pointed out she walks with help after 7 steps. She stiffens when I try to pull her up. I have so much to learn. Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Reading Lynne’s She’s Given

Lynne surprised everyone at our 50th anniversary with navy blue t-shirts with a white tree with no leaves. Underneath it was “Jim and Karen & Celebrating 50th anniversary 11/29/1963” In the top of the tree were two white lovebirds. Carol and I took the t-shirt to Lynne and read my story of the loving, lasting surprise she gave us as seen in the family portrait. Lynne listened calmly to every word with her eyes focused on me and the t-shirt in her lap. Carol and I believe she understood & enjoyed our story Tags: .Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter