Thanksgiving with Friends

Patti & Donna had a nice visit. She was super chatty & mostly happy. Donna did a great job of feeding her. She ate everything. Seemed calmer after eating, content most of the time & alert. She was surrounded by her two buddies talking their special language.
When I showed Lynne this photo of Patti & her she said, “Yah.” Later, II showed it again later &she nodded with a smile. I love to be able to share these with her. Thank you so much all!
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Deep Friendships at Thanksgiving

My thanksgiving feast was prepared by Clemens, Margo & 4 friends in a longterm heartwarming relationship. Henrik lifts 400 lbs in workouts! Simon to talk with a course counselor at Seattle Central. Christoph joined us Tags: Alzheimer’s Dementia Caregiver Caregiving father-daughter

Thankful for Lynne’s Caregivers

Our family and friends are thankful for the caregivers who love Lynne, currently Abby K, Fetlewerk, & Abby T, and many others over the last five years. They have counseled and cared for us too. Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver caregiving dementia father-daughter

Thankful For Resident Friends

I’m thankful for friends among residents. They stop by Lynne’s chair to talk, reach out, sit. Or walk hand in hand. Others share clothing —- a resident smiled at me, “I like the shirt she’s wearing.” Her eyes twinkled. “It’s mine.” Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Alert Smiles And Thank You

Samantha/hospice: Lynne was alert, more energetic. Smiled a few times. Excited to see me when I arrived in her own world & conversation with buddies. A bit agitated with arms & legs. Cute cat shirt. Said thank you when I left.  Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Music and Patience Are Magical

Brayden (Hospice): Sat listening to music on a speaker. A bit more agitated than usual, but as the visit went along she became calmer and smiled at me more and said thank you. Patience & music & visits are miraculous. Tags: Alzheimers caregiver dementia father-daughter

Living In Memories of God

 Dementia: Living In The Memories of God by John Swinton

Dementia may be a tragic affliction, but there is much to be hoped for as long as we create the types of relationships & communities that allows us to see properly, hope realistically, & remember with a love that drives us into the presence of people with dementia.Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Kisses Plus Laughter Fun

Lynne resting in bed. Excited to see me. Ask to kiss her on her forehead. Once I asked to kiss her on the forehead, then the chin & then the nose. And then she leaned forward up to kiss me. We. did that several times.Laughed a lot

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Sitting in a chair after bed rest

Fun Visit With Lynne

LynnR had fun visit with Lynn. She was super happy to see me — ate well, laughed a lot. She reached out a number of times, touching my hand or knee, & laughing when I ask if the pudding was vanilla. She said vanilla and nodded.

She mimicked my thumbs up when we acknowledged something positive. She seems to be happy to have her fellow resident C. entering and exiting to their lounging space. C. told me Lynn is wonderful. I agreed.

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