Fun with Video Chats

Progress on “Fun with Phones” the last two days was as smooth as bumping over rocks and into potholes in a pickup on a remote forest service road. When I delivered her daily card and Oreo, I told a caretaker I couldn’t do video chatting on my android phone. She whipped out her phone, texted the question and got the answer: Messenger+. Duh–for years I hadn’t known how to do that. I installed it and called Lynne’s phone. She showed up on my screen as she headed into the lobby. I hid behind the coat racks. She chatted as she put the phone to her ear, moved it to show the ceiling, got herself back in the picture and started over at her ear. We laughed when I walked into the lobby with our phones still working.

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Fun While Confined

Lynne’s assisted living facility confined every resident and prohibited visitors except for emergencies. She missed her CrossFit exercises. They had less things to do and lots of new rules. She and I didn’t talk over dinner or visit. We felt we weren’t having as much fun. I found a pathway.

Her brother was awarded the Outstanding Faculty member for 2020 at Western Washington University. I wanted her to share the letter with her friends. The announcement rested on my outgoing table for two days until it signaled me to get it to Lynne. I put it in an envelope and addressed it to Lynne from her Dad. I added a frozen Oreo from my freezer, often the first treat she looks for in my apartment. I delivered the letter to the concierge and asked her to hand it to her.

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