Fun with Video Chats

Progress on “Fun with Phones” the last two days was as smooth as bumping over rocks and into potholes in a pickup on a remote forest service road. When I delivered her daily card and Oreo, I told a caretaker I couldn’t do video chatting on my android phone. She whipped out her phone, texted the question and got the answer: Messenger+. Duh–for years I hadn’t known how to do that. I installed it and called Lynne’s phone. She showed up on my screen as she headed into the lobby. I hid behind the coat racks. She chatted as she put the phone to her ear, moved it to show the ceiling, got herself back in the picture and started over at her ear. We laughed when I walked into the lobby with our phones still working.

Next day all residents were confined to their rooms. I called the concierge who had Lynne standing by, but she struggled to key in the password. (I think she could answer the call directly). She got the password, but couldn’t answer the call. Finally, she called me on messenger. Lindy’s video was still random until she got help holding it right. Good chat. She likes almonds covered with dark chocolates better than Oreos. She’s frustrated with many new rules, no CrossFit, fewer activities, cloistered dining and quiet lobbies. She choked up, “I miss you, Dad.” I choked up. Video chats can’t do hugs.

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  1. pbejerano March 19, 2020 / 5:54 am

    Loved this!


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