Boys to the Rescue

Lynne and I meandered on a path along Lake Washington last week. I explained my snack system to build up my strength.. “After mid-night I cut a banana in three sections and put two sections in the refrigerator. I slice the first section into small bites covered in chunky peanut butter, and do the same with in mid-morning and the afternoon.”

She laughed. “Dad, stop. That’s too many bananas.”

I don’t think it’s too many. I think it’s clever. I reward myself after writing by eating protein and sugar in healthy doses. I’ll keep it a secret.

Lynne was concerned about a man on her floor.  I promised we’d take care of it. When we returned I reminded the concierge to get her dressed on time for the free photo shoot with her son in his high school graduation robe.

The boy’s father canceled that afternoon because their son wanted to take the photos at the graduation ceremony. I told the concierge to cancel Lynne’s visit. He said, “I’m not going to tell her, and hope she doesn’t remember and get disappointed.”

The excited caregiver on the floor didn’t cancel plans either. She bathed her, brushed her hair and curled the ends, put her in a black sports bra under a deep V-neck full length black and white polka dot dress in her comfortable black shoes. She felt pretty.

The concierge called. “Lynne is dressed and ready to go.”

“I’ll be right over.” What was I going to do? My inner voice rescued me:  “Drive her to the boys home because they canceled it. They’re going to rescue us.”

The boys were surprised. Tucker whirled in his circles to catch his tail. He barked and pushed his head into everybody as the boys yelled, “Stop, Tucker. Sit. Tucker! Tucker!”  The graduate disappeared and reappeared in his robe with mortar board and tassel.  We took pictures and pictures on the sunny back patio.

Time for ice cream. The oldest said, “I can’t go. I just got back from work. I’m too sweaty.” Everybody else disappeared to get dressed and head out the basement door. The oldest reappeared in a clean pair of sweatpants.

It was cold for ice cream. Her graduate zipped up Lynne’s red jacket. The posters listed ice cream, sorbets, sundaes, sherbets. The boys said she had two favorites: scout mint and salted caramel. She ordered scout mint and I ordered salted caramel to share. I warned the boys she will eat the ice cream non-stop and get brain freezes. They took turns feeding her and talking with her.

She told the concierge she had a great time. He told her she looked pretty in that dress.

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