Feeling Honest Instead of Entertaining

I’ve prepared for video chats with Lynne to entertain her. It feels artificial to be honest. Yesterday I shared what was going on with my life, such visiting my cardiologist because my A-Fib returned in February 2020 a year after an ablation cured it. I’m disappointed. I’ve limited my exercise. He’s scheduled an echogram and a cardioversion to see if we can get improvements.

We made plans for the boys, friends and family to video chat to replace our Sunday night dinners together. She remembered her cousin promised to send her a picture of her son in his costume cast as a worm, but Lynne hadn’t received it. She tasked me to get it. I need to change her profile on Facebook, but I need her password. Mom had it in her Wunderlist app.  I need to find it.

I shared other information about me joining her for a walk the next day, writing, investments, family concerns, posting on her Facebook and my Facebooks, etc. And I shared jokes and what her friends were doing.

I shared like she was Karen. When we were done I had a list of things to do. She said, “Well, that was productive. You’ve got a lot to do.”

We promised not to cry when we hung up.    

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