The Joy of Two friends Below Lynne’s Window

Terry and Corrine

Terry, one of Lynne’s friends was frustrated. She had picked up Lynne two days a week to exercise with her at a nearby gym until the lockdown. Classes were canceled and Lynne is confined to her apartment in an assisted living facility. Terry wanted to know if she could talk with her, even if only out a window. Yes.

Tiggy and Lynne

I called the concierge to schedule a caregiver who would get Lynne ready to look out her window at 8:45 am this morning. Terry brought a fellow workout member, Corrine. We showed up at 8:45 am. Lynne was there waving, or at least waving when she wasn’t wiping tears from her eyes. We talked briefly about kids and life above the limited traffic at the corner of Madison & 23rd. We agreed it was a success and Terry said they’d be back with more friends because it was convenient for Terry and Corrine’s regular walk.

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