Getting Outside a Lockdown

undefinedLynne is thriving during this lockdown thanks to a host of caring staff. I got this email (slightly edited) and photo from one of the staff: “I wanted to send you a quick update on Lynne. I have attached a photo from her walk yesterday. She said it felt so nice to get outside and was in such a good mood after her walk. We will take her again this evening since it is such a beautiful day. She also always looks forward to her walks during the day with caregivers. I am glad you two have been able to connect via FaceTime and I know she looks forward to each time she gets to talk with you. Hopefully this craziness won’t go on for much longer and we can go back to normal, but until then I am here to provide updates and photos 🙂”

I need those updates because I don’t get her full experiences without visits with her and staff.  

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