Chatting on the Phone

Lynne is connecting with her phone to reach beyond the quarantine at her assisted living facility after I figured out how to know where it is, keep it charged, eliminate information, simplify password problems and have staff help her with it. Staff plugged it in her apartment behind the sofa, as nearly as I can figure to keep it hidden. She found it and called me, a special surprise. I had to guide her to sit and face the camera so we could see each other. We chatted quite a while. It reduces her loneliness and my worrying about it.

Her sons are calling regularly to video chat. What a thrill that is for her and for me and others. There so skilled they take a video picture of the conversation and share it with us. Her brother and sister are chatting at scheduled times when staff help and even making direct calls. Her friends have called at scheduled times. They also call when I let them now she’s answering her phone. The more the merrier for her and equally for me. Knowing she’s confined is a load for a single caregiver like me. It’s exciting to know a network of love and care is chipping in to chat with her.

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