Confessions About Missing CrossFit and Stealing Hubcaps

Short Story 3005 words

Perhaps some instinct warned me to glance at Lynne as she and I chatted in a pleasant conversation in the sunroom of my sister, Jane. Three easy chairs, two tables and a TV dominated the cozy space, except for a small spot in which Zoe, Jane’s cat, sat on her haunches with her eyes and ears focused on the TV. Lynne, my 54-year-old daughter and I had flown from Seattle to Denver the day before to visit her favorite Aunt Jane and Lynne’s cousins. Lynne had been excited about the trip even though she’d been frightened on other trips and haunted by one she regrets. She was too afraid to fly to Broadway in New York City for five days and four nights with her sister to see Bruce Springsteen On Broadway. I bought sweatshirts for us, but every time she sees me wear it, she regrets not going. I don’t wear mine around her anymore. When I proposed the trip to see Aunt Jane, she said, “Yes, I can do two nights and three days.”

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