End of Life Options

Lynne’s visitor said, “Lynne & a resident sort of cry and look at me. I found it really hard to believe in a merciful God. Both women were amazing forces of nature. Just sad for me to see sisters in this situation.”  I believe in a merciful God. We provide the mercy.

Compassionandchoices.org  is working to transform how people die with dementia to ensure people are aware, empowered and supported in getting the care they want – or do not want.” (I wish Lynne could have studied the options with our family at her diagnosis)

“With significant caregiving and hospice support, a determined and well-informed individual can successfully choose the end-of-life option of voluntarily stopping eating or drinking, also known as VSED.” A success is described in https://alzauthors.com/2023/10/03/martha-brosio-recounts-the-last-ten-days/   Last Ten Days, by Martha Risberg Brosio

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