Hospice For Alzheimer’s Patients

Hospice volunteer, Samantha visited Lynne – very fidgety, took off her shoes and socks. Gave me a few words, laughs, and smiles. Would not go outside. “It’s really hard to visit, but I do think it matters.” Oh yes, Samantha, Hospice matters.

Hospice manages primary care for the final 6 months. Lynne’s team of caregivers has doctors and nurses, and also adds visits by a social worker, a chaplain, volunteer visitors, a guitar player, and a dietitian who give me their observations after their visits.  Hospice is completely reimbursed by Medicare in Lynne’s home location. Lynne’s expenses are now lower.  She has more visitors with a variety of skills and concerns. Lynne has better care and more often. I also get support from their care. I worry too many caregivers do not realize Hospice is available in the end stages of #Alzheimer’s.

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