Music Therapy with Lynne

With Lynne’s #alzheimers, #musicalmemories therapy with happy melodies releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter which causes a feeling of satisfaction. Listening improves well-being, maintains cognitive function, and reduces agitation. I saw it work!

I gripped Lynne’s hand and she held mine firmly. Usually she lets go, grabs her other hand and raises both over her head. Lynne thinks I’m a crazy #caregiver. I moved our hands to the beat and sang the chorus for Loretta Lynn’s Mama, He’s Crazy.

Next the nurse arrived with three spoonfulls of applesauce and medicine. I sang “Rockin with the rhythm of the medicine” as I played song by the Judds: Rockin with the Rhythm of the Rain

She settled down, relaxed her arm but held my had. She focused on the music, nodding her head to the beat, even moving her lips at times. We sang the chorus of Give a little love by the Judds, Give a Little Love.

At the end I played one of my favorites by Randy Travis, singing I’m going to love you forever, for ever and ever. She watched me, she rocked with me, and  believe she believed me. Forever and Ever, Amen

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