Pondering Satan and Hell

Lynne, with a wide sweep of her arms, said, “I love everybody! In the context of more verbalizations, two words came out clearly:  Satan and hell.  Later she clearly said, “I’m not going there!” Jim said, “It’s alright, Lynne. You don’t have to go there”

Carol, my lady-mate, wondered if she was: contemplating death, questioning what comes next, hallucinating, delusional? Carol remembered a book called Final Gifts which recounts numerous stories of the dying speaking in metaphor about their internal ponderings.

When Lynne angrily gestured again & said, “Get out of here!” Carol said, “You tell him, Lynne! Get thee behind me, Satan. I don’t believe in hell or Satan. I believe is God deeply loves you. Your Dad loves you. I love you. So many people love you.” She slowly calmed down.

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