Lively Friend Uplifts Lynne

Lynne’s superb replies to Jennifer’s care 4/18: Big huge Lynney smile; Laugh and HI!; SURE!; A chuckle; Jennifer said, “I love you Lynney, 3 times in a row. She replied clear as a bell, ‘I love you too, too, too.’ We both laughed”

Here are Jennifer’s details on what she did.

“She was walking when I arrived…laps around the entire floor. When I finally found her, she was looking straight ahead, with good posture and a comfortable gate. I asked if I could walk with her and she …

took my hand. We walked a little until she leaned forward to put hands on knees. Then I suggested we sit and visit and I could rub her hands if she’d like that…”SURE!”…we found a spot away from the loud TV.

She seemed calm but a little less engaged with me. She was engaged with her memories or hallucinations…talking a fair amount with other people that weren’t visible to me. A few things she said sounded like she was a little upset/frustrated…”Don’t do that”…then into Lynnese

But she didn’t look distressed in her face.

She would answer me if I asked about the hand and leg rubs. A smile here and there, a surprised look at the too cold lotion on her arm, a chuckle to my “I love you”.

She rested with her eyes closed. We had some music playing on my phone.

Eventually she stood up and I asked if she wanted to walk some more…we took a few laps, arm in arm. That is when Jennifer said “I love you” three times in a row.

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