Friends Transforming After Seizures

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Friends arrived to visit Lynne and share on with each other just a week after her fall and three seizures. I was pretty depressed by the three seizures and the way Lynne with the bruises after her fall on her face. A week later her friends It’s a classic lesson about the value of friends who can give caregiving because everybody has a different relationship with her. and she recognizes the differences. We are blessed with this caregiving support. It is a thrilling feeling to see how much they transformed Lynne into spontaneous activity with friends who for decades. I have printed much of the dialogue her friends shared with each other and our family.

Nancy: Lynne was all peaches and cream today for our visit. Great appetite enjoyed her lunch and her lemon cake treat and coffee. Then we walked up the hill to the Farmer’s Market, she ogled all the doggies. She loved being in the fresh air and sunshine. She noticed things and pointed them out. Read some signs out loud.  Good verbalizing. She ate a whole huge juicy peach and enjoyed it tremendously. Dance party on the way home. She was laughing loud and having a great time as we came home. 

She was ready for some alone time by then.  Started to have a bit of emotional cycling just at the very end. We left her with a kind care giver. The floor was much better staffed today, looks like they made some hires.

Edith: It was a really good visit. I think Quail Park is a big step up from Aegis! Much calmer, lovely neighborhood and a chill vibe all around. We spent some time on the terrace which is also very lovely. I’m so happy and relieved that all of you got her there.

Keith (Lynne’s brother). Sunglasses is a good idea when going out. She’s one tough Cookie.

Hilpert She loved wearing them inside too! I think they turn the visual volume down a bit. Plus she looks cool.

Sandy Those glasses really are cool. She looks wonderful in them. Very energetic and centered.  

Nancy & friend LynnR and I agree with Edith, while Aegis was great for the first leg of the journey, QP is a superior solution for Lynne at this stage. She tells us that she likes it there. Her behavior says she’s less triggered and feels good. Her meds seem to be working well too. We can all sense the improvement in her state of mind and nervous system. She was really happy  to see us today too, and greeted us with that joyous smile of delight and surprise. 

Keith Thanks Nancy, what a great update! I had a great visit with her Thursday. Similar observations.

3 thoughts on “Friends Transforming After Seizures

  1. Ing(rid) Kalchthaler November 16, 2022 / 6:03 pm

    Hello Jim and Lynne! You don’t know me, but I really want to thank you, Jim for your podcast episode Rodger That. Thank you so much for being such inspirations! God bless you for the people, you are!

  2. James S Russell September 27, 2022 / 10:06 pm

    Thanks Karen. We were all worried about those seizures. Looking good right now. Jim

  3. Karen C September 27, 2022 / 9:23 am

    Jim, wonderful to hear that Lynne is settling in so well now at her new facility and that she is receiving visitors. I was also depressed and worried by the news of her seizures. Thanks for this update.

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