Birthday Party with Covid

Lynne, Photos, Pam and Covid

Ten of our family members and a colleague threw a superb birthday party for Lynne at Aegis assisted living on Saturday the 11th, less one granddaughter who joined us by cellphone from her campus in Montreal. Each person shared fond memories from pictures and cell phones to mix into a swirl of celebration as Lynne and everybody recalled old haircuts, dresses, skirts, outfits, hairdos and bodies from birth to motherhood. Lynne stayed engaged in her chair for an hour-and-a-half as she felt everyone else having as much fun as she did.

On Tuesday Pam called from Chico, California to say she had Covid, and her husband had symptoms that were later confirmed to be Covid. All party goers have tested negative, including Lynne who had to go into quarantine from external visitors until her second negative test this coming week. Pam’s fever broke last Thursday, and her husband is recovering from his symptoms.   We feel blessed and fortunate we have contained Covid.

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