Thanksgiving Blessings

Niece Maysee makes the University of Oregon Hip Hop team.

Lynne has had several visitors this past week: Harriet, Sandy, Susan. They’ve visited Starbucks, Queen Bee, the lobby, and a walk around the street. At times she seemed subdued, at times lucid, (she told a caregiver, This is my friend, Susan). She sang songs by Adele and ones on a playlist we listened to at dinner. Her feet seemed to hurt, so I bought her new shoes, and her foot will be examined. I sat quietly beside her while she watched other residents with severe immobility, commented on their status by name, and seemed even ready to go help. She’s lost weight and walks less. I like to give her exciting news, like a photo of her niece with a dance kick to celebrate making the Hip Hop team at the University of Oregon. And telling her every day she is going to a Thanksgiving dinner with her boys and Dad and Margo. And Simon has his CNA certificate. I love being with her and she seems to enjoy it. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  

One thought on “Thanksgiving Blessings

  1. pbejerano December 1, 2021 / 4:01 pm

    Love the beautiful simplicity of this. You say a lot with very few images and words.

    Love you!


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