Lynne’s Green Team

Lynne Russell, Kayla Raj and worm bins

Sally Boni posted this on Lynne’s facebook page: This wonderful memory popped up today! Since it’s the middle of summer vacation I must have been finally updating our year in MicroSociety at Talbot Hill. The Green Team, a total creation of Lynne and Kayla, was amazing. Kids, worms, newspaper, left over food, and a little water — a lot of planning & daily lessons on the teachers’ part, a lot of diggin’ in and joy on the kids’ part, and in the end such beautiful dirt! Truly one of my favorite MicroSociety organizations ever! So happy to see this memory today! Thank you, Lynne and Kayla for your very good work!

Kayla Raj commented: This brings back so many memories and so much love! What an incredible growing experience that was!! I felt like part of a power team working with Lynne Russell— our outcomes always seemed to explode exponentially by the kids enthusiasm, her grit, and perseverance! ❤️ Everybody should get to have a teaching partner like this!!!!

Sally Boni commented: My feeling exactly! You were indeed a power team!

Tonight I showed Lynne the Green Team photograph. She immediately grinned. “Kayla Raj.” I told her Sally Boni sent her a message. Her face lit up with Sally’s name. When I read the words, “Green Team,” her eyes widened, and she nodded. She smiled as she looked at my lips reading Sally’s description of beautiful dirt and MicroSociety. She nodded when I finished.

“Kayla sent you a message too.”

“She did?” High praise from Kayla: “power team, outcomes explode exponentially by the kids…. Everybody should have a teaching partner like this.”

Staff loved the photograph and stories. They recognized Lynne’s smile. We went for a walk.  She said, “I love you, Dad.” That’s an improvement from a week ago. Thank you Sally and Kayla.

3 thoughts on “Lynne’s Green Team

  1. pbejerano July 17, 2021 / 5:27 pm

    Love this!


  2. pastorbcumcorg July 17, 2021 / 8:29 am

    Jim. In the Native American tradition in the Dakotas they often give star quilts to folks to honor them. But they also will wrap these blankets around folks who have forgotten where they have come from…that they come from the stars. I feel like that is what these pictures and stories do for Lynne. You are wrapping her with a star blanket and reminding her that she still has star dust in her soul. Thanks

  3. Sandy Whitley July 16, 2021 / 9:37 pm

    Special moments ❣️

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