Mother’s Day So Nice

Lynne, Dad, Henrik, Christoph, Simon

The boys planned Mother’s Day and wrote her a card. Dad freshened up his apartment. Clemens ordered Thai food and boiled the meals. He baked a carrot cake, Lynne’s favorite. Lynne ate every serving. And said over and over, This is so nice. #Alzheimers #Alzwa #alzauthors

One thought on “Mother’s Day So Nice

  1. pbejerano May 20, 2021 / 7:06 pm

    Hey, What does this mean?

    She was listening to dining room voices. She’s upset with residents and staff several times and needed to be restrained. They will slightly increase Resperidone to calm her.

    Who’s listening? Who’s upset? And who has to be restrained and have med leves increased? Lynne?


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