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Lynne with Family last Mother’s Day

“What are we going to do for Lynne’s birthday,” asked Nancy, a friend of Lynne’s?

I hadn’t thought about her fifty-fifth birthday. Last December Nancy and friends invited me to a memorable party for her. Nancy organizes Zoom conferences with up to 150 people, so she quickly proposed a Zoom-party on December 12th. Soon Lynne excitedly added more friends on her Facebook page before I’d included relatives. I worry I missed people she knows.

Staff at Aegis are enthusiastic about the idea.

The marketing director wrote, “I think we’ll do whatever we can to make this work for Lynne!”

The activities director wrote, “Saturday, December 12th will be one great birthday!”

He attached his photo of Lynne celebrating her last Mother’s Day party and said this birthday party will be even better. Aegis recommends we not overwhelm Lynne or their staff by scheduling an hour on her birthday and and an hour the day before or after.

Nancy and friends are generating ideas. People could log in to Zoom and stay online for a while. If they send Nancy photos, she could post them. I could stage times for people to join in small groups. Nancy could set it up so only one person is talking to Lynne at a time. We’ve asked if Aegis could find a large screen in a “public” room where residents and staff could join, and where Nancy could add music from her computer so Lynne could dance at her party.  

Mark your calendars to join Lynne’s amazing group of friends and stay in touch for final details if we can make this happen.

2 thoughts on “Join Lynne’s Birthday Party

  1. Betty Block November 17, 2020 / 8:56 am

    Nuts! Just missed Lynne’s birthday party😔Please tell her happy Birthday for me!

    Thanks Jim!

    Betty Block

  2. Anonymous November 16, 2020 / 11:59 am

    sounds wonderful

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