Sharing a Scooter on Video Chat

Fun activities

This red scooter is identical to Lynne’s yellow scooter.

Lynne and I shared a scooter when she called for our nightly video chat to relieve her sundown syndrome under Covid-19 lockdown. Lynne’s friend, Leslie, sent me a photograph of a red scooter identical to a yellow one Lynne and her high school girl friends rode around Eugene Oregon. I found a way. I printed in color and pointed my cell phone camera to it instead of my face. It filled my screen. It filled Lynne’s Facebook Portal. She laughed as soon as she saw it. “There it is. We rode all over on that.” We chatted about how she didn’t tell us she bought it and hid it in a friend’s garage. I said, “That scares me to look at even now.” Thanks for the memories, Leslie.

A friend sent me a link and said he thinks the scooter is a Honda CT90. Thanks, Chuck.

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