Lynne and I and Better Care

Fun activities and care giving after a move

Lynne Outside Walking Last Week

Lynne’s quality of life has steadily improved since Luna’s idea to move her into Life’s Neighborhood. So has mine.
Luna’s office is on the same floor and Lynne is welcome any time it’s open. Lynne found it. She reached out to Luna about her anxiety adjusting to the new milieu of residents, caregivers, and culture on the new floor. She wanted to help residents, but she didn’t know how. Luna promised to tell caregivers they could ask Lynne to help, something they had never done with the other less able residents. Juan, the activities director for Life’s Neighborhood, grouped Lynne with residents on other floors to walk outside together five days a week. He has plans to upgrade her video chatting.
Luna and Lynne spent two hours rearranging her apartment because it looked like a dorm room. She has plenty of clothing. She needed a table so she could read and look out her window. My contribution was to remind Luna that the table I had when I lived there is still in the basement. She and Lynne never mentioned the cat.
They bonded. Both studied Mormonism, Luna following her family and Lynne following her first love. She confessed they wrote each other love letters with plans to marry. Luna learned more about that love than I will ever know.
More importantly, Luna realized Lynne was tugging at her bra and it hurt. Luna recommended Lynne buy new bras. She agreed, “Dad could buy me a new one.”
“No,” Luna said, “I’ll shop with you at Nordstrom’s Rack on Monday.”
I told you my life has improved. I helped her buy the one that hurt.

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