Lynne and Cat — Day One

This morning Lynne exercised with her new mask from Patricia the cat guardian angel while the cat hid behind the sofa. He’s had a rough week. He trusted Patricia after his first rescue, and then she dumped him head first into a carrier bag and he ended up in an apartment. Pam said her rescued cat hid under the toilet for a week. This afternoon the cat is under Lynne’s chair. He’s been in her lap. She says he’s mellow. Patricia says “As soon as she starts brushing him he’ll show himself as the purring sweetheart he is.” However, Kim, the Aegis fiction author-in-residence wrote a move-in-alert from CAT warning caregivers about his needs and plans. He seems bossy. Judge for yourself.

“Hello, I am CAT. I had a name before in my life, and I am sure I am about to get a new name. I will absolutely refuse to respond to that name, because: I am a CAT.” Regarding his needs/plans: “I plan to knock things off the counter tops whenever possible. When you find things on the floor of the apartment, please put them back in a good location for me to knock them off again.” Also: “I will shed. On everything. I will make it a goal to cover Lynne, her belongings, and all of you with a fine layer of my home-made fur. Deal with it.” Regarding affection: “I will be extremely snuggly with you. Until I am not. It will bring me joy to keep you on your toes.”

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