Visiting After Three Years

Taylor, an associate director at Aegis, last saw Lynne in 2020, until she visited last Monday. “She was laughing, crying, angry and so happy at many points of our visit. I of course felt sad, but also felt so happy I could see her.  She seems anxious but also redirectable at times. She saw me and immediately screamed, smiled SO BIG and then started crying and it made me feel like some little part of her remembered me. Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter 

Listening to Lyrics Outloud

I told Lynne we were going to dance. As you can see in the photos she listened & watched me. I softly played I Want to Dance With Somebody. I read the lyrics out loud, over & over. She said yes I could apply lotion on her dry legs. Success! Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Reading Aloud for Lynne/

Meghan Cox Gurdon says reading aloud to seniors is a miraculous alchemy. I’ve connected with her, calmed her, & reminded her when I’v read aloud. Lynne hears me. I’m going to try it again and report back. Try & let me know. Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter.

Network of Lynne’s Friends

LynnR: Early on Sunday Lynn talked a lot & laughed. Readjusted in her chair. Used her funny mocking voice. I said, “Are you making fun of me?” She said very clearly, “Yes” Reached for me with big expressive eyes. I told her how much she’s loved. She gave me a big smile

Friends: Edith: So sweet. You’re making such a difference in her heart & spirit. Kathy: Lynn this is beautiful. I love that she’s teasing you. Nancy: Love how our sisterhood shows up for her. Donna: Thanks for telling her how much she’s loved. Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Lynne Enjoys Friends More

LynnR:  Lynne was nice, full of secrets & thoughts. I read this to her & she says really, really very nice, then blew a Raspberry at me. She righted herself in her chair w/o help. Always greets me enthusiastically. I named each volunteer walker and said she’s loved.

LynnR & posse of friends get livelier responses than I do. They share, cheer & thank each other. They visit. I’m envious, grateful.  I’m excited for Lynne. I learn from them, mimic them. I share their stories, knowing at times, it’s harder. They persist. Tags: caregiver father-daughter Alzheimer’s dementia

Lynne Russell Alzheimer’s Walk

The Lynne Russell’s walk team had a lot of fun on the Alzheimer’s Walk on Saturday. We’ve raised over $2,000 and are almost at our goal of $2,500 by October 30th, so if you can help us, please donate.

Our team from left to right is brother Keith, wife Sheri, father of the sons Clemens, Alzheimer’s Sharing Groups leader Bill, son Henrik, and son Simon. Friend Donna Dad, and Clemenss’s friend Margo. What a team!

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Alzheimer’s Keeps Lynne Awake

Alzheimer’s Weekly reported Alzheimer’s patients (Lynne) often nap because the disease damages neurons so the system in the brain to keep her awake is gone. It’s not because she doesn’t sleep at night

Treatments to improve the “awake” system need to be tested.  No such tests were reported. In the meantime, we might ask medical staff to reduce sleep medications, which are most likely ineffective. Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Waiting For Good Friends

LynnR showed how visits from good friends liven up Lynne. Lynne pulled her lunch bib over her head. I asked her, wait until lunch is done. She’d say OK. I sang waiting waiting, she sang waiting waiting with me. We cracked up. It was sweet. Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Mom ‘s Hospice with Lynne

Four years ago Karen slipped away in a bed two floors above Lynne. She had moved there from her hospice at home in Redmond to finish every day with Lynne. She looked at the 4 of us at the foot of the bed and said, “I am looking at a miracle.”

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The photo was taken when our family celebrated dinner after moving Karen to be with Aegis for hospice

Neverthelesss Dementia We Persist

The nurse said Lynne walks in the mornings, sits in chairs before lunch, walks some in the afternoon, sits in chairs. She eats well. She weighs 118, in a stable range for 6 months. She was glad to see me today. Nevertheless dementia, we persist.

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