Thankful Lynne Supported Keith

Told Lynne I am always thankful she supported Keith when I was unable to be a loving father for him. Her steady gaze and the softness in her blue eyes told me she got it. Named people who still loved her. Listened to Linda Ronstadt Good hour.  Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Maximize Time for Lynne

It’s best if I visit Lynne alone. Best visits are cohesive units: neighbors, colleagues, grandsons, siblings, Dad & Carol. If I join them, we talk & Lynne gets restless, ignored. Plus Lynne gets an hour with friends plus Dad.

    Keith said, “Dad, we’re with Lynne. Join us I said, “No. You and Lynne are so close. She told you to drop out of school, teach youth, bail you out trouble, propose to Sheri, help you daughters. It’s one level relationship with you and Sheri as brother/sister.” They had a 2-hour very warm visit and visited me afterwards.

Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Telling Lynne Good News

Keith will be a College Dean on July 31. It breaks his heart he can’t tell Mom and Lynne. Lynne was a hugely positive force in his life. I’ve told Lynne every day. She listens. I hope she understands. I’ll keep telling her. The photo was taken in February 2019.
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Dad in a Hat

I ’ve said it doesn’t matter if Lynne knows me. She‘s happy to see me. Mom thought I was her brother, her husband, or me. Whomever. Today, Lynne looked up with a big grin and exclaimed, ”Dad.” It did make a difference Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Tags: Alzheimer’s caregiver dementia father-daughter

Memory Worries in 2014

Lynne worried about her memory 10 years ago in a journal entry in 2014. “I want to know that everything that needs to happen is already in process. I want a cease fire in my war with time. I want to move through my day with grace and ease.”

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Mothers Lynne and LynnR

Mother’s Day. LynnR joined us. I shared photos of her sons. LynneR brought Starbuck’s Vanilla Latte. She laughed, pushed back, walked, spoke, smiled. I said, “I gotta go.” She got sad, but LynnR guided her on. It may be my last one.

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Lynne Sleeping Vistors Chilling

Lynne sleeps more. Jennifer’s visited at 7:15 pm. Lynne slept, stirred at times. Not eventful, Nice to be with her. Dad had the same experience, same armchair. Peaceful for Dad. I just looked at her.
Jen wrote: She was sound asleep and looked comfortable. I decided to just hang out. Whispered, “Hello, Lynney.” She stirred a little, raised eyebrows, eyes stayed closed. Rubbed her arms and cheeks gently. Read my phone, talked at times. She opened her eyes once and went back to sleep.
DAD wrote: Caregivers put her in the armchair and covered her with a blanket until they could get her to stay in her bed.
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Friends Make Friends-Fest

Donna and Edith visited Lynne this morning. She enjoyed a little head and neck massage and a little walk. She definitely seemed “In the moment” a few times. She smiled and responded at a few points in the conversation. Donna reminded them of a weekend in June of 2017 in a gorgeous house on Whidbey Island. Lynne was happy that weekend although the signs of Alzheimer’s were definitely present We still had some great conversations on topic

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Erased My Doubt & Guilt

Lynne focused her eyes on me, raised her eyebrows, smiled, reached out & hugged me. She erased my doubt & guilt. Opened her mouth for treats.  Gripped my hand and I gripped back. “Want to arm wrestle?” Pressed back with big laugh.

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Feeling Anxious And Guilty

Today I’ll see Lynne after our cruise and her Covid quarantine. I’m anxious. Will she wonder where I’ve been? Forgive me? I also feel guilty. I liked the free time, not focusing on care each day. Am I still committed? Will I be?

The photo comes from the sidelines of one of the boys athletic events in 2015

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