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Media Coverage

Being Patient — A Daughter’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis 11/27/2022

YouTube Re-broadcast:  A Daughter’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis 3.1K views as of 4/27/23

University California Irvine — MIND Podcast: “Spotlight on Care” 4/14/22

Caring for Child with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease : 4/14/22  


Gentle Generations: Podcast: Ten Thoughts: Countdown to Alzheimer’s Longest Day Walk 6/7/21

Caring for Caretakers 6/7/21—Caring-for-Caretakers-e13aj03/a-a5vgq3r

Seattle Times: Losing Precious Months: Isolation from Covid for residents with dementia 1/16/21

Alzheimer’s Speaks with Lori La Bey: The Benefits of Building a Team to Care 11/24/20

The Benefits of Creating a Care Team

Covid 19 Video 11/23/20-5/7/21

Video 1:  Introducing James S Russell

Video 2: Fighting the Fear

Video 3: Sharing Christmas Fun

Video 4: Taking Care of Anxieties

Video 5 Share Your Visits with Others

Video 6: Medications Take a Team

Video 7: Keeping the Smile Paige Cornwell

Alzwablog: Caring For the Gaps 11/18/20

KOMO/TV Covid Effects on People with Dementia 10/1/20

TV Interview on Effects of People with Dementia

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