Video Chat with a Checklist

undefinedMy daily routine with Lynne includes a greeting card note I write every morning and put in an envelope with six dark chocolate covered almonds that I refer to as her daily medications. I deliver it every morning and schedule a time for a video chat when a caregiver could assist her. They are so swamped they can only arrange a call about every other day and almost never at the appointed time so I have to be ready to chat instantly.

All day long I jot down ideas on a checklist to discuss with Lynne. It gives me an agenda to keep the conversation going no matter when she calls. It gives me a way to keep in touch with her all day long. It gives me a place to jot sudden ideas she might like to know before I forget them. It gives me a way to review what she enjoyed talking about and what did not interest her. And I ask if she got her card and liked the notes I stuck inside.

We had an 11:30 am appointment and she called at 2:50 pm. I went through my list of Covid-19 jokes and she and her caregiver laughed at most of them. I asked her about the BrainFitness Computer exercises she took yesterday with the activities director. I had read reviews by users on the website who said the exercises were entertaining and possibly helpful at improving memory. She was not enthusiastic, “Yea, but I didn’t do well.” I gave her several fun news stories, the best of which was learning that the best six countries controlling the Covid-19 virus all had leaders who were women: (Belgium, Germany, New Zealand, Finland, Iceland and Denmark). She hadn’t opened the note yet, so she did that and discovered the page of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips. She loves them as much as I do. Finally, she likes her new book, The Seamstress.

In all that’s a good day. I can’t do much more at this stage.

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  1. Pam April 11, 2020 / 8:38 am

    Love this. You’re so thoughtful with her.

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